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Cro's Poetry and Fan Fictions
20 most recent entries

Date:2007-05-01 21:25
Subject:Imaganation or obsession?

Well it's been a long time since I've updated this thing. Most people probably thought that I've died. I haven't which is really unlucky for them. We just got done watchong happily never after. I didn't really get the movie but that was only because I was missing NCIS and I was on the computer role-playing. It was a decent movie but I wished I was watching NCIS. That's why it sucks when I have to live with my mother. Stuff is actually going alright with me with all the things considered. I also think I lost a friend because she won't talk to me. Names won't be mentioned because I respect the person.

I've been spending alot of time roleplaying writing and playing video games. I've been doing all three of them so much I think it's bordering addiction. I've been playing Smackdown vs RAW more these past few weeks. Spent 3 hours on a Gaara CAW and thank god I got it right. I've also got a Naruto CAW, Mr.clean CAW, Bart Simpson CAW. I've been putting random matches together and I want to make it a CAW show like NoDqCAW does on YouTube.com

You search out NoDQCAW and you'll probably find there recent matches they are better than TNA and WWE sometimes. I like my TNA and WWE is alright again.
I just like the original storylines that the people at NoDQCAW and other CAW leagues put on. I know I'm a gaming loser.

I've also started to write Naruto Fan Fiction. It's not great but it's somewhat good I might upload some either later tonight or tomorrow.

Also I've got a kick ass female friend named Jamie Andrews.. - waves- Hi, Jamie! :) Well.. I have nothing else to type except... I'm not typing that.. mwahhahaahaha.. off to talk to Jamie on AIM! :)

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Date:2007-02-13 14:13

I'm bored someone entertain me!

AIM : RobGam3
YIM : robert_rumery
MSN : limeguy@hotmail.com

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Date:2007-02-11 15:51
Subject:Dungeons and Dragons

if anyone wants to play. I'm in The Wizards Of The Coast DND chat-room...
register.. click RPG LIVE chat and come find me in The Lair I am The Mighty Cro.
I'll post stats later. XD

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Date:2007-02-11 00:30
Subject:New Website.
Mood: accomplished

Read moreCollapse )

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Date:2007-01-21 22:46
Subject:has my writing went down hill?

I don't know.. I just think I suck now.
So please judge me and be brutatly honest, here is a sample of writing from my new fan fic.

Sample of My Work :

The fate of Bardock's life hung in the balance. An evil smirk came over Freiza's face as he gatherd up some of his energy, and a large red energy ball glowed on the end of his finger and he launched his large red energy ball at Bardock and there wasn't anything that the father of Kakarott could do.
Except try to absord the blast into his chest but he knew that would just kill him, Bardock put both of his hands up trying to contain the blast with his own Saiyan energy, but that didn't work and the blast sent Bardock hurling into endless space.

The energy started to burn his skin as he floated off into endless space. There was a small explosion, it sounded like a small sonic boom. And than Bardock fell onto a small planet, it was all blue and cold it was probably an ice planet, Bardon's Saiyan armor all torn to shit and he was bleeding heavily and he couldn't use his right arm and he held it as it bleed out onto his left hand.

"Where Am I?" Bardock asked himself as he continued to walk on this new planet. The pain shot up through his arms, legs and chest and he closed his eyes tightly and tried to ignore the pain as he kept on walking looking for somekind of housing or a place to rest, he made it to the side of a frozen river and than he fell to his knees.

"So this is how I'm gonna die.. I'm gonna freeze to death." Bardock said as he closed his eyes, and as he did this the world went dark, and than he feel over and blacked out from all of the pain that he was feeling. The situation looked really grim for Bardock, but he had nothing to fear Lord Frieza and his followers thought the Saiyan solider was dead and boy were they wrong,

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Date:2006-12-11 22:33
Subject:Christmas Poem

"Christmas Poem"
by : Robert Rumery

Sweet Dreams my little child,
because tonight is a magical night,
the snow falls from the sky,
like bits of heaven falling to earth,
and the fire roars to life,
the lights twinkle on the tree,
and our souls they feel free,

The stockings were hanging by the chimney,
and there wasn't a single hate nor a doubt,
that St.Nichols would soon be there,
snuggled up to the fire tight,
'Twas I and my dog enjoying this magical night,

our thoughts dreams and desires,
they came true for one night,
and everything you could ever see,
ever hear or ever want was under that tree,
snug as a bug in a rug,

I could hear the little ones scampering,
to excited, and they wanted to sneak a peek,
waiting for the man in red,
the man with the big black sack that would bring them,
what they've been waiting for all year,
all their wants and desires,

as they slowly drifted off to sleep,
they dreamed of what they would find that morning,
under the tree that glissend with lights and decorations,

what would be in box 1,
what would be in box 2,
they wanted to know,
but they'd have to wait,
until Christmas morning comes,
'Till The Christmas day is here,

I sit still in a room with no noise,
only the roar of the fire in the fireplace,
I'm alone with my own thoughts,
and the Christmas toys that no one knows of,
Merry Christmas To all,
and to all a Good night!

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Date:2006-12-03 00:31
Subject:I'm still alive..

Yes I Am.. just haven't been posting as much. :)
So yeah. I'm still here... YAY!

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Date:2006-10-26 14:44
Subject:It's gonna be a long day...

8 a.m. comes too fast when you don't really wanna wake up or aknlowdge that your concious. I mean wtf why do people try to talk to you why your fucking sleeping? It's like pointless.. But I'm used to it, but that dosen't mean it sucks any less. As I said, today is gonna be a long f'ing day. So anyone wanna come over and keep me company, and watch movies? Pwease... -ish desperate for attention-

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Date:2006-10-13 04:45
Subject:random quizish thingy

If you were on a battlefield right now, versus everything...
Lover or a Fighter?
Fight for good or evil?
Battle Cry
Weapon of Choice Bastard Sword
Appearance Dressed in Full Samurai Armour, flying using telekenetic powers
Your Battle Cry... Is a triumph of verbatim
Foes slain upon first strike: - 100%
What you fight Vampires
You fight.... Because you do what you must
This fun quiz by Ferggs - Taken 120951 Times.
New! Get Free Daily Horoscopes from Kwiz.Biz

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Date:2006-09-11 17:16
Subject:9-11 Five Years Later...

9-11 Five Years Later.... [My Thoughts and something i wrote]

United (We Stand)

Another darkend day in history,
watch the smoke clear,
and hear the screams echo through the air,
the ultimate act of evilness,
it hits us at home this time,
when the evilness collided with us,
a million lives were lost,
and at that moment we knew what we must do,
we started beating the drums of war,

Chorus :
United (We Stand)
Divied WE FALL!
United (We Stand)
Divied We FALL!
United (We Stand)
Divied We FALL!

smelling the smoke in the air,
watching the flames grow higher,
watching the people jump,
watching people's spirits die,
images burned into our heads,

take another step onto our soil,
and watch the american's blood boil,
with our fist clenched with anger,
it was time for a rebellion,
it was time to take back our freedom,

Chorus :

United (We Stand)
Divied WE FALL!
United (We Stand)
Divied We FALL!
United (We Stand)
Divied We FALL!

I'm to young to know what really happened,
I'll sit in my chair and stare at the screen,
but I felt an anger within myself,
an anger I've never felt before,
revenge was on my mind,

and than I heard the drums of war start to play,
I didn't like the idea of going to war,
but we must down to the gates of hell,
and look the devil straight in the eye,
and take back our country and take back our freedom,

Chorus :
United (We Stand)
Dived We Fall
United (We Stand)
Divided We Fall,
United (We Stand)
Divided We Fall,


It's 5 years later and stuff has changed but not much. The United States of America have seen alot of things and have went to war with alot of countries and leaders, but this was the thing that struck us the most. Because it happened on our own soil, if this happened in another country we probably wouldn't care,right? It seems like the more politcial the world gets the more hated the world gets. I've often thought and stated that we couldn't really live like this, we couldn't really survive like this as people and the human race.

Everything has gone ot hell in a handbasket since 2002. What happened then was so devistating so evil, so wrong, so demonic. When something like this happens, everyone blames the person in power may it be a president or person of authority. We start lashing out when we are we scared, we start blaming people that really don't have any control over what happens.

We should all blame ourselves if that's the case. Because in 2002 we weren't as heavily securtied as we are know. This could of happened anywhere at any point in time, but it happened in New York. It happend to US! Many people would like to forget what happened. I admit I am one of those people, because we need to move on it has happened and we are still fighting the good fight trying to bring these people who did this to us to justice. [

I was going through my music collection on my computer. Thinking about Iraq and The WTC bombings. I came acrossed this quant little number called "Civil War" it was by a group called Guns N Roses[[Cheers] The lyrics that stuck out to me were :

Look at your young men fighting
Look at your women crying
Look at your young men dying
The way they've always done before

Look at the hate we're breeding
Look at the fear we're feeding
Look at the lives we're leading
The way we've always done before

In a sense we are in a Civil War.. Meaning we can't be Civil because there is the war. I was never for the war, I'd fight the war tooth and nail. But that's not the case anymore, this war that we are fighting in iraq, afghanstian or whever it maybe. It will cleanse that area people will die... Soliders will be sacraficed but it has to happen we know it'd happen sometime.. It happened now, but I'm only saying this because I think the events of 9-11 triggerd what happend in Iraq.

Oh yeah, I got two words for The Terrorists that acted on this 9-11 today... 'Thank you.. Because you reminded us Who The HELL WE ARE!!!!!!!'

The poems and lyrics I've written about 9-11 have almost become an anniversary event. I got the idea when i was in penquis, a class was writing poems about 9-11 i think the community should get into that... poems about this day or something, I don't know... Happy trails, to those who died on 9-11 and in Iraq ...


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Date:2006-09-04 21:12
Subject:Soultaker Bios... only two up.. lol

Robert Runnells


Name : Robert Alan Runnells

Age : 17

Current Location : Maine

Sex : Male

Occupation : High School Student

Interests : Heavy Metal Music, His Motorcycle, and Fighting or Wrestling.

Background : There is very little known about Robert Runnels. He's a high school student at the logal high school. Penispe Regional High School, the town itself is out in the middle of the woods, literaly. You have to drive about a mile to get to the high school. Robert is a shy guy at first, but when you get to know him he'll open up to you, only if he trusts you. There is speculation from the town fathers about how Robert got here and why he is here, oddly when Robert joined the town, people started dieing and they speculate Robert is the one behind deaths of there caddle, and the elder people of the town going missing. Robert holds a dark secret, one that he hopes dosen't follow him.


Amber Lynn Williams

Name : Amber Lynn Williams

Age : 17

Current Location : Maine

Occupation : High School Student/Cheerleader

Interests : Cheerleading, Drama Club, Popular Music, Guys.

Background : Amber Lynn Williams was born June 17th, 1986. She's lived in this shithole of a town for a long time, she was born at The Dover-Foxcroft,Maine hospital. And moved to Penispe,Maine when she was just 5. She's got alot of friends here, but most of them would stab her in the back at the drop of a hat. She loves her life, at times she hates her life like everyone does. She's a cheerleader and an avad face in the Penispe Regional Community she alsos helps out at the local animal shelter. She loves animals, and has two cats and a dog. She wants to goto college to major in theatre or dancing, she just loves entertaining people.

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Date:2006-09-04 14:54
Subject:The Soultaker [Remake version 52 lol]

Okay.. before anyone jumps the gun and posts stuff like I do. The Soultaker was an horror story attempted by me. The whole background of the story was based on the legend of The Jersey Devil, but in my realm he was a shape shifting demon that killed every 1,000 years or so. He stayed alive for 1.000 years until he was killed. IF he was killed. The main character Robert Runnells [ME] lived in a small town in New Jersey, it was a shit hole to say the least and he started snopping around, digging deeper into the town's terrible past. And by doing that he accidentaly unleashed an evil demon, The Jersey Devil himself. Robert tried to undo what he had done but it was too late and than he fleed to Maine, hoping to out run the devil himself.

I also took it upon myself to throw in a bit of Stephen King's IT Work. Meaning when The Jersey Devil [The Soultaker] arrives in Maine. In the small town Robert flees to. The Devil sorta takes on the form of the whole town, in a sense. Because he can shap shift into any form he wants to. But the main form in the story is a teenaged boy names Jason Lee Black. An outsider that has appeared in the small town in Maine just as Robert had did. People suspect that Jason is an evil force, but they can't be sure thus the adventure starts. Other Characters Include : Amber Williams, a perky cheerleader that Rob falls in love with Jack Jordan, Robert's enemy, but soon becomes friend due to unbearing circumstances.

Main Characters :
Robert Runnells [Aaron Stanford]
Amber Williams [Wynona Ryder (When she did "Heathers" and if she was blonde)
Jason Lee Black/The Soultaker [Voiced by Vin Diesel]
Jack Jordan [James Dean lol]

Note : The Soultaker is a demon so in Demon form he'd probably look like the fire end boss for Soul Calibur Inferno.

I don't know, I was bored. lol

Amber Williams : 

Robert Runnells :

Jack Jordan : 

The Soultaker [Demon Form] :

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Date:2006-09-04 14:43
Subject:Savior & Go Inisde Of My Head


Written by : Robert Rumery
When It Was Written : 12:35 AM 8/29/2006

Emotions run wild as I close my eyes,
the pain runs out of me,
it runs through the tears of my eyes,
the only god I've ever known,
has betrayed my trust,
and has betrayed my faith,

as I sit down and try to pray,
I look up to a man that's supposed to be,
watching over all of us and trying to love us,
and teach us right from wrong,
he's supposed to be our eyes in the darkness,
but where is he know?

Where Are You Now?
Your supposed to be teaching hus how to be,
Where Are You Now,
Your supposed to be teaching us wrong from right,
Where Are You Now,
Your supposed to be teaching us how to be,
Where Are You Now?
Your Supposed to teaching us wrong from right,

With all the destruction and devistation,
the world dosen't seem like a home anymore,
it's more like a place in limbo,
I watch the fighting on the news,
the images of war are burned into my skull,
images flash by, one's I don't want to see,

what the hell is wrong with the world today,
when we can't love each other,
because the person who rules our world,
won't let us love one another,
were stuck on seperate side of the fight,
and now we much fight each other,

Emotions run wild as I close my eyes,
the pain runs out of me,
it runs through the tears of my eyes,
the only god I've ever known,
has betrayed my trust,
and has betrayed my faith,

Where Are You Now?
Your supposed to be teaching hus how to be,
Where Are You Now,
Your supposed to be teaching us wrong from right,
Where Are You Now,
Your supposed to be teaching us how to be,
Where Are You Now?
Your Supposed to teaching us wrong from right,

there are places inisde of my head,
that you don't wanna see,

there are things in my head,
that you don't wanna hear,
there are things in this world,
that you don't wanna see,
so why look at them? close your eyes,
and lead us a stray,

the only person that we beleived on,
has know turned his back on us,
as I watch the world fall apart,
I wonder where the heck you've been,
and why you haven't saved us from extintion,
aren't you supposed to be our god,
aren't you supposed to be our savior?

Pre - Chorus : Emotions run wild as I close my eyes,
the pain runs out of me,
it runs through the tears of my eyes,
the only god I've ever known,
has betrayed my trust,
and has betrayed my faith,

Where Are You Now?
Your supposed to be teaching hus how to be,
Where Are You Now,
Your supposed to be teaching us wrong from right,
Where Are You Now,
Your supposed to be teaching us how to be,
Where Are You Now?
Your Supposed to teaching us wrong from right,


Go Inside My Head [And Don't Get Lost]
By : Robert Rumery

Take a look inside my mind,
and try not to get lost,
in all of the darkness,
and in all of the fantasy,
your taking a walk,
in my shoes,
and your seeing what I see,
and hearing what I hear,

step in and take a look around,
do you like what you see?,
because it will be the last time,
that you will see it,
can't you see that,
your inisde of me,

Go inside My head,
and dont get lost,
Go Inside My Head,
and Dont get lost,
Go Inside My Head,
and dont get lost,

you can see my past,
and a bit of my future,
you can feel all of my emotions,
and feel those scares,
that run so deep inisde of me,
all the pain and sorrow,
that I've felt,

and all the happines and joy,
that has been alienated from me,
you can feel things that you,
thought were untrue,
you can see all my untamed emotions,
now you know what it is like,
to be me,

step in and take a look around,
do you like what you see?,
because it will be the last time,
that you will see it,
can't you see that,
your inisde of me,

Go inside My head,
and dont get lost,
Go Inside My Head,
and Dont get lost,
Go Inside My Head,
and dont get lost,

my mind has always been,
my safe haven a place,
where no one else but me,
could be,

know you can see what Ive,
kept so sacred and the stuff,
that Ive kept from you,
now that youve seen the inside of me,
do you think you understand me now,
does that mean you can try to love me,

you walk a mile in my shoes,
and you'll see what I see,
and hear what I hear,
and feel what I feel,
so start walking and try living as me,

step in and take a look around,
do you like what you see?
because it will be the last time,
that you will see it,
can't you see that,
your inisde of me,

Go inside My head,
and dont get lost,
Go Inside My Head,
and Dont get lost,
Go Inside My Head
and dont get lost,

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Date:2006-08-22 06:15
Subject:vids... hope this works! lol

Def Leppard - Pour Some sugar On Me

Def Leppard - Bringin' On The Heartache

Def Leppard - Photograph

Def Leppard - No Matter What

Def Leppard - Goodbye

Def Leppard - Hysteria

Def Leppard - Animal

Def Leppard - Women

Def Leppard - Two Steps Behind

Def Leppard - Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad

Def Leppard - Rock Of Ages

Def Leppard - Rock On

Def Leppard - Foolin'

Def Leppard - Too Late For Love

Ozzy Osbourne - The Ultimate Sin

Ozzy Osbourne - Mama I'm Coming Home

Ozzy Osbourne - Road To Nowhere

Ozzy Osbourne - Mr.Tinkertrain

Ozzy Osbourne - Shot In The Dark

Ozzy Osbourne and Lita Ford - Close My Eyes Forever

Ozzy Osbourne - Miracle Man

Ozzy Osbourne - Changes (Live and Loud)

Black Sabbath - NIB

Black Sabbath - Paranoid

Black Sabbath - Iron Man

Black Sabbath - Children Of The Grave

Black Sabbath - Snowblind

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Date:2006-08-14 11:59
Subject:Shadow x Amy Rose Fandom
Mood: SQUEE!!!!

I've recently taken the liking to pairing Amy Rose and Shadow of Sonic X together. I don't know, when I look at them. I see Kitty and Pyro all over again. In the current story I am writing, Amy is dating Knuckles it works out for like 6 or 7 months and than Knuckles starts to get violent and angry. Sonic and Tails are out on missions, and Amy knows she can't trust Knuckles so she goes to find the one person she thought she could never goto for something like this... SHADOW!!

This should be a good story If I can get it off of the ground. Shadow is just so fucking badassed, you can't hate him, you must love him! =) I'm going to add this one to the list of Ships I have... I've got one lol

Ships I Support :

Shadow X Amy Rose
Kitty X Pyro
Wolverine X Rogue
Rogue X Iceman (Only sometimes.. lol)

Shadow's Theme [All Hail Shadow by Magna - Fi]

All hail Shadow, heroes rise again
Obliterating everything that's not your friend
Nothing can stop you now
No ghosts to bring you down
When there's nothing left to lose, you win

Bow your heads low!
All hail Shadow!

Suffer long and it will set you free
Only through trial do we find the strength we need
It's never over, just another day
Of hope and tragedies and everything that comes our way

Determintation of the strong
Found the meaning that you've searched for so long

All hail Shadow, heroes rise again
Obliterating everything that's not your friend
Nothing can stop you now
No ghosts to bring you down
When there's nothing left to lose, you win

Bow your heads low!
All hail Shadow!

Somewhere in chaos we all find ourselves
This destruction is the only tale we tell
White is black, and black is white
Right is wrong, and wrong is right
Nothing ever fills this hole inside your heart

Determintation of the strong
Found the meaning that you've searched for so long

All hail Shadow, heroes rise again
Obliterating everything that's not your friend
Nothing can stop you now
No ghosts to bring you down
When there's nothing left to lose, you win

Bow your heads low!
All hail Shadow!

[guitar solo]

All hail Shadow, heroes rise again
Obliterating everything that's not your friend
Nothing can stop you now
No ghosts to bring you down
When there's nothing left to lose, you win

Bow your heads low!
All hail Shadow!

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Date:2006-07-29 10:50
Subject:The Best comment EVER!!!!
Mood: happy

Okay, I check my LJ comments relgiously. I don't get alot of 'em but I get 'em. They usually from Jen (Roguedemonhunte) Morgan, The RPG Goddess (Great_Wolf) or Cwissy! (moonwo1f) This morning it was From Chris aka Striker aka The Bassbitch! :D :D :D Did I get all of your names in there? lol hahahahaha well... Heres the comment and I am tickled pink for it !!! Tee-Hee.. Chris you made my day! :) :P

Str1ker's Comment : Rob, we talk every day. If we DON'T talk everyday, then something in my world just isn't right. You have a certain way of looking at things that the regular person would NEVER even consider, and THAT is one of the things I respect and like most about you. You're caring... YOU are the "go-to" guy for EVERYONE. People rely on you for your writing and your wit. You're always quick to come up w/ a statement that's so off the wall! I so dig that about you. But I digress...
I know that we come to each other for advice and guidance. That to me, is one of the best things about a friendship. There's never any judging, only support and helping whenever and however it's needed.
You do this everyday for so many people, and you are truly a blessing to everyone's life. I know you are in mine :) I couldn't ask for a cooler li'l bro!! You have your head on straight, you're headed down that wisdomonic path (damn, I just coined a new term), and whoever you end up with is DEFINITELY going to be serenaded - I have nooooooo question about that. However, it will be w/ written and spoken word. I just hope they can take it, and cherish it. When it comes from the soul, there is no greater love.
(I also hope they can take being chopped up and placed in your basement freezer, but that's a situation for another day!) LMFGDAO I love ya Bro! :)

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Date:2006-07-27 21:38
Subject:Fear The Card Of Death... okay, not the card of death, the card of cro!

watch cro_darkandevil fight
view children
view parent

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Date:2006-07-26 10:55
Subject:Make This Last Soundtrack..

Okay, Okay,  I got bored this morning.   I was reading Make This Last a fic by Roguedemonhunte
And I was digging through my Mp3's.  I got like a Million mp3's well not a Million exactly It's more like around 200-300.  But still that's alot of music to go through in a day or so.   I'm a whore when it comes to downloading songs, but anyways.   I downloaded a few Papa Roach songs the other night, and I was amazed how well they fit the situation between John and Kitty!   I think the albums were Lovehatetragedy and Getting Away With Murder  I'm not a big Papa Roach fan, but I love some of their music.  I really started to like thier music when I was really depressed but that's not the topic at hand! :P  So here we go, bare with me!

Make This Last
The Boy That Destroyed The World

My LJ tags are fucked up this morning for some reason, enjoy, or try to! :D

Track Listings :

1. Goo Goo Dolls - Long Way Down

"Touch me now and I don't care
When you take me I'm not there
Almost human but I'll never be the same

Long way down I don't think I'll make it on my own
Long way down I don't want to live in here alone
Long way down I don't think I'll make it on my own

Never put you down I never pushed you away
You're not supposed to be that way
And anything you want there's nothing I could say"

2. Filter - Hey Man, Nice Shot
"I wish I would've met you.
Now it's a little late.
What you could'a taught me;
I could've saved some face.

They think that your early ending was all wrong.
For the most part, they're right;
But look how they all got strong.

That's why I say
Hey man nice shot.
Good shot man.
Thats why I say
hey man nice shot.
good shot man."

3. Papa Roach - Born With Nothing, Die With Everything

"Fuck a hero be yourself
I don't need your lousy hand-out
Clinched fists i'll fight my way out
Fighting my way out
find my way out

People wake up and sing alon
I trust no one
My trust is gone
Born with nothing
Die with everything  "

4. Seether Feat . Amy Lee - Broken

"I wanted you to know
That I love the way you laugh
I wanna hold you high and steal your pain away
I keep your photograph
And I know it serves me well
I wanna hold you high and steal your pain

Because I'm broken when I'm lonesome
And I don't feel right when you're gone away"

5. Smile Empty Soul - Finding Myself

"all these tears that I cried
you must be tired of
taking care of me but
its what you do best and
I'm a liar cuz
really its what I need

And I thought that I found myself today
and I thought that I had control
all the change in my life just fell away
for a moment I didn't need you

someone like you someone like me
maybe its change
that set you free"

6.Hawthorne Heights - December

"Please, slow down, girl
We're moving way too fast for their world
We've gotta make this last "

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Date:2006-07-22 00:48
Subject:The Brootherhead : New Arrivals

The Brootherhood : The New Recruit
by : Robert Rumery

Please Note :  My Fan Character Cro is in this fic, he is me.   Erik found him wandering the streets, all bloody and somewhat bruised.   It was like how Xavier found Wolverine,  Magneto took Cro in, and like 4 hours after that.  He found the bloodied and semi-beaten Rogue in an alley way and he took her in.


The door to the brother hood had slowly opened and the old man, Erik Lensherr had enterd with what looked like a new recruit. 
Cro lifted his head and looked over towards the door it was a girl around 17 or 18, she was wearing a green hooded shirt with blackish-brown hair and what strains of hair infront of her eyes.  He had seen this person before when he was Xavier's he had rememberd her.

Rogue and Erik enterd the lair, the place that they would be staying.  They were in the living room,everything was woodend the carpets were grown and the walls were painted white and they weren't lead based paint if they were whenever Erik went to the kitchen the paint and the walls would rip out.

"Don't worry, he won't bite."  Erik said, reffering to the newer recruit on the couch.  The Mutant from Maine, Robert Rumery a vile mutant.  A Mutant with super human strength he could bench 100 Tons and he this animalstic rage and addiction to hunt and fight, he was a very dangerous mutant.  Xavier's camp couldn't contain, could The Broother Hood really tame this mutant? Only time will tell. 

"Rogue, don't worry.." Erik said as he took her green hooded shirt and placed it on the back of the couch it was blood stained and Cro had gotten a whiff of it, and well he liked the smell of her blood.  He looked over at the two, and than turned up the volume up a bit, but if he spoke both of them could still hear it.

"Rogue, what kind of a name is that?" Cro asked from the other side of the room as he watched Rogue and Erik talk. A Small smirk on the larger mutant's face, his hair was long, it almost looked like a mane. Hell he almost looked like a Caveman. Cro Magnum man. Rogue shoot a death glare acrossed the room to Cro and he just kept on smirking, an evil smirk, but not a very bad evil smirk as he changed the channell as he sat on the couch watching the news.

Erik walked down a long hallway with the young girl, Rogue, her real name was Marie. Erik pushed open a door to her room slowly, it wasn't a shabby looking room it had a bed and a good view of the town and a television toi watch when The Brotherhood had some down town. Erik smirked at Rogue as she walked into the room and sat down on the edge of her bed. There was something between them neither of them could explain it but there was something between them.

"Who's that mutant in the living room?" Rogue asked reffering to Cro as she got up and took off her shirt to reveal a black bra and than grabbed another shirt from the dresser, this time a black one and than she put it on. And looked over towards Erik was ooking away from Rogue due to she was topless and in her bra for a few moments.

"He's a mutant that dubbed himself,Cro.." Erik said as he looked at Rogue studing her, her fine features, her bust, her cheekbone her eyes. He stared at her for a few moments and than he turned his eyes away from her.

"His real names Robert Rumery, he came here after trying seek Xavier's help. But even Xavier couldn't help him, so I brought him here. I don't think even The Brootherhood could contian him." Erik said as his voice grew soft as he looked at Rogue and smiled, and he shut the door leaving the standing there and She walked over to her bed and took a slumber.

Erik walked down the long hallway he ran his hand acrossed the side of the wall and flipped the light off, there was no metal in this building, if there was the beams would probably be coming down by now and the roof would collapse it would be a very bad thing, and it would be a mess to clean up.

Erik walked into the living room area,  The new mutant was still sitting on the couch, oblivious to whatever was happening and whoever was around him, but he had heard Erik walk into the room.  He felt his prescence first, Cro took the remote and turned down the volume a bit as he looked over his shoulder at Erik. 

"What?"  Cro asked immediately.
"You got to be more nicer to our guests."  Erik said as he formed a brief smiled on his face,  the old man had smiled before but not like this before there was something on his mind.  He had seen that look on Erik before and he knew that wasn't really a good sign.

"Why?"  Cro asked w ith a grin on his face.
"This one could help us with our cause." Erik said as he walked out into the kitchen  and opened the fridge and than took out a bottle of White Wine and poured it into a glass and swished it around in the glass for a few minutes, than he took a sip off of the glass of Wine and than put the Wine back into the fridge.

"Our cause, you mean your Cause? Right, Erik? I'm just here because Xavier's clan could hold this 'Animal' as they so politely fucking put it. All you want is World Domination, Lensherr."  Cro said as he turned the back to the old man and than started watching television again, he knew the old man didn't really give a shit about what he said.  

The old man was off in lalaland with his wine and the girl that he had brought in here.  Erik had felt sorry for Rogue she was near death when Erik found her and the X-Men were no where to be found, most likely the battle at Alcatrz killed them all.  Erik was surprisngly calm today, he had sipped his final sip of Wine and he took the cup and brought it over to the sink and put it in the sink and than walked to his bedroom and went to sleep.

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Date:2006-07-20 11:47
Subject:Unfinshed X-Men Fic. Story Name : Imprisoned

Story Name : Imprisoned

Author: Robert Rumery

Universe: Marvel/X-Men

Characters: Cro, Shadow, Xavier, Beast,

Disclaimer: I do not own Marvel or the rights to use The X-Men or any of that mumbo-jumbo.

Robert Rumery/Cro is © to me and Shadow/Ashley Ballard is © to Ashley Ballard

Cro's P.O.V.

Ever since I Was born I knew I was different. From the way that people used to look at me and the way that I used to feel. This urge inside of me, a rage if you will. It made me want to kill things with my bare hands and mame my schoolyard chums. When I turned 6. These urges started. I just thought they were my body telling me I was growing up. But it wasn't my family had a dreaded secret that my family didn't want to tell me.

But without them telling me, I knew what my fate was. Early in my teenage years I possessed superhuman strength. I could lift Barrels, Cement benches, and other heavy objects with ease. Little did I know that was going to be the downfall in my life.

The word started circulation and the small Maine town talk began. That I was what they called a "Mutant" a "Freak Of Nature" something that’s not genetically happen. And than all the fun stuff began to happen. I started hearing voices in my head. It sounds crazy doesn’t it? But look where I am. Crazy is sane here. My story isn't a happy one. But are you willing to sit here as I tell it to you? My Arms and my legs are in shackles because outside of this place I am feared. My room has microphones and cameras so they can keep an eye on me. The humans, the outside world, the society that I hate. The society that has made me this. At this time the camera would pan to show a holding cell of some sort.. the kind used to hold magneto in X2 See.. When I was 16. I left my Maine town looking for answers.. I found the voices in my head were none other than the head of The X-Men.. The voices were Charles Xavier.

They put me into this place as a last resort to save themselves. I spend my days in here wanting to escape. Return to the world that exiled me to this place. I growl and I howl as I pull on these chains but to no avail, I can't break these chains around me. There was this cihck that I saw the other day. Well more felt, I feel her all the time. She has the same hate in her heart for this world.. The doctors they come day in and day out. They seduce me with their drugs, they inject me with some blue substance to try and keep my rage and my powers at bay.

I walk back over to my bed, its got a white sheet that covers the bed and a white cover. Luckily, I got a small window that overlooks the city. I think its there to taunt me. To say that I'm a prisoner's of there’s. I smirk evilly, as I lay down. My shackles make a small clanking sound as I laid down. I stared blankly at the ceiling, I watched the light flicker. And in the room a crossed from me. That’s where the girl was, I heard the girl scream.. They were shoving drugs into her arm again. They were sub doing her too. They hadn't come for me yet. They're afraid of me. Because they know in their hearts I can seriously fuck them up! The room the girl was in. It was always lighted. There was never a shadow in the room it was probably because of her powers. I didn't know, but it interested me.

"The world's a scary place isn't it?" Cro asked himself as he looked down at his hands. They were well, covered in hair. But it looked like fur. It was black-brownish in color. He was normal once upon a time but not now. Ever since he was here, he grew those features, the clawish fingernails. That were dull and round like claws and the "Fur" of hair on his body. But you couldn't really see it. Except for both of his hands. He was in a gray jump suit. With his number 0122456 etched a crossed the tab near his shoulder blade.

"Hmmm... I'm alone, but I hear your screams.. I hear them in the night, and I know what they do to you, Shadow. They do the same things to me. Sub do our urges. Together we will get out of here. And you'll be the one to save me." Cro said as he looked at the door and he saw the room a crossed from his flicker and he smiles. She was at work. She was trying to put the lights out again so she could escape. I would of done the same thing if I had her powers. But I grew used to this place. The only place I could call home for now. The camera's watched him like a hawk. And he'd wave playfully once and a while. But he wasn't in a mood like that tonight.

Shadow/Ashley's Room

"You can get that fucking shit away from me!" Ashley fought back. As one guard held her arm as the other one injected the drug into her left arm. Ashley bit the guard that was holding her right arm and kicked the guy on her right in the knee cap and threw him into a wall which rendered him unconscious. "Sleep!" The Guard on the left said as he tazerd her and she fell to the floor in a passed out state. The other guard helped the unconscious one up, woke him up. And pushed a code into the control panel and the green glass door lifted open as they both exited to their posts.

The guards make it back to their post. It has a huge silver control panel. Two chairs one for Sam (The Left Guard) and Hank ( The guy on the left). They switched from Ashley's monitor back to Robert's monitor and they see that Robert is laying down. Not proposing a threat to them tonight. But they could only wonder if he had calmed down that much. Ashley and Robert had been in there grasp for nearly a year. Sam watched the video screen vividly as Hank took a sip off his Vodka that was in his coffee cop. And he shakes his head.

"And we do this why, Sam?" Hank asked as he took another swill of his Vodka.

"Its good money, that’s why!" Sam said as he watched the screen. "And to keep the world clean of these freaks. If these things were on the loose. People would surely die.." Sam said as he untwisted his bottle of Pepsi and began to drink as he put his feet up and watched the screen. Switching between the two mutants and a Chicago Bulls/Laker game. Of course it was pre-recorded. Sam than chuckled at the game. As unknown to both of them. Ashley was regaining consciousness.

"Damn you!" Ashley said in a low growl as she pushed herself up off from the floor. She grabbed onto the side of her bed and than hoisted herself up onto that. And she laid on it and than began to stare at the ceiling and began to pant very fast. The shadow's danced a crossed the wall. Her eyes shifted from wall to wall. She got up enough strength to walk over to the door and looked out through it. A crossed the hall to the other mutant that was in that holding cell. Cro's holding cell had a blue force field for a door. There was no way in nor out for him. She wanted to help him. Maybe he shared her hatred for human kind but she couldn't really know until they meet.

"We're both caged like animals. We shouldn't have to live like this, just because we're different and poses abilities that the human race can't understand. And they throw us in this place and they treat us like freaks on a side-show at The Carnival." Ashley said looking through her glass window and Cro got up and looked through the door and that’s when she saw him and at that moment she knew she had to help him. Cro had stood looking at Ashley for a moment but than disappeared from Ashley's sight.

"Don't worry... We'll leave together, we may have lived separate lives. But we WILL leave together." Ashley said as she walked over to her bed and sat down on it and than laid down on it. Her light staying on. It always stayed on she lifted her blanket over her and she snuggled the blanket for a little support. Ashley slowly closed her eyes as the room grew dark and she slowly feel asleep. She dreamt of her past, her parents being killed by one of Xavier's mutants it made her blood boil. She tossed in her sleep you could hear her yelling random things but she was only yelling in her sleep.

Robert/Cro's Room

The night was slowly coming for Cro has it had come for Ashley. Cro stared at the ceiling as he usually did. He got to see the girl that he had dubbed "Shadow" he smiled softly. He didn't smile often because he didn't have something to small about because he was in this god forsaken place and he knew he had to get out of this fucking place. Because he'd probably grow even more crazy if he stayed here for any longer. But he knew until the girl came for him that he would have to stay in this god-forsaken-place. He stared at the ceiling once again, until his eyelids became to heavy, he shut them. And than he slowly drifted off to sleep. Only until the next morning which would come to soon for him.

The morning came earlier than expected. 6 a.m. comes so early when your not expecting it. The sun raised on the east side just like always. The sun shown in through the bars on Cro's window. You could hear a small snarl coming from under Cro's breathe as he slowly awaked to the new day. The Guards came in for the morning shift. Two female guards named Trisha and Krista. They had no idea what they had in store for them. Cro had became really peaceful as of the past few months. He resisted the fighting because it wasn't getting him anywhere. He figured the less he fought, the quicker he would get out and one with his life. But his life got destroyed when people back home got a whiff of his mutantness and that destroyed him.

Trish the blonde female guard put her code into the side of the force field that held Cro and walked through the doorway into Cro's holding cell and she had a tray full of food and a cup of water. They may have been animals. Even animal's needed something to eat.

"Good morning, Trisha said with a smile as he gave him the tray.

"I've denounced that last name, but thanks. " Cro said as he picked up the tray and looked over at Trish. "At least someone has manners around here, unlike those asshole doctors that pump us full of there controlling mutant shit." Cro added as he ate the eggs and bacons and drank the glass of water that was on his plate and glanced over at Trish again. "The girl won't be so peaceful.." Cro said as he handed Trish the try and than she walked back over to the door which was back up as a force field she punched in her code and left again. Leaving Cro to himself.

Ashley/Shadow's Room

Ashley awoke to the sound of beeping. Krista, the other female guard was putting in her code. This girl had red/crimson black hair. She entered Ashley's holding cell with a try full off food. Bacon, Eggs and water. It was a very light breakfast. Liters than they were used to. The head boss thought it was a good idea to put these two mutants into a heavier protected part of the facility. And that’s probably when Ashley and Cro would try and escape this place. Ashley looked over at the girl and smiled a wide fake smile.

"Good Morning, Miss Ballard." Krista said as she sat down the tray on Ashley's lap.

"Good morning..." Ashley said as she picked up the tree along with a fork and a knife. She was watching Krista closely. She didn't trust her. But she ate up her food and she drank her water and than handed the tray back to Krista. And she watched Krista walk over to the door and punch in her code and exit. The two female guards walked down to their command posts.

Ashley smirked a bit. They had no clue what they were in store for when they tryed to move Cro and Ashley to th is new part of the facility. To they’re new holding cells. Ashley instantly began to plot her and Cro's escape. It would be simple yet effective. Thats how she always did things. Simple but affective. As she sat on her bed, her feet dangled off the side of it as she squirmed to get comfortable again the days grew longer, and the nights grew shorter. She'd surely go insane, eve more than she is right now everyday she stayed in this place was another day another shred of her sanity would disappear.

The X-Mansion/Xavier's Office

Charles Xavier sets in his yellow wheel chair as it hovers 3 inches above the ground. A gold nameplate rested on Xavier’s desk. It said ' Professor. Charles Xavier' in light gold lettering The New York Times laid gently on Xavier's desk on one side and on the other side a stack of papers that he had to grade. Xavier sensed something different in the world but he couldn't put his finger on it. He took out a red pen and started grading papers. His work was never done, his school for the gifted and The X-Men, that he helped led. The old poor man's work was never done. The world was a very scary place for the mutant kind he took in these mutants and tryed to teach them to use their powers. The mutants that lived here got taught in everything that they needed for their daily life. Including how to use their powers, Xavier didn't harbor the use of The Mutant's powers for evil.

He was strictly for the good of mankind. Xavier's dream was for Humankind and Mutant kind to live in peace with one another. But that wouldn't come without sacrifices from both sides and from both parties. His old friend Eric Magnus was right, he hated to admit it. What Magnus said at times was right. A war was brewing between Humankind and Mutant kind. Xavier shook his head as he graded another stack of papers. He didn't want to think about that. Eric Magnus was one of his best friends at one time. They showed each other their power's when they were younger. And know look at where they are on different sides of the fight for Mutant kind.

It was a nice peaceful morning but it probably wouldn't stay that way. It was just the way of the world to destroy the little piece of peace and serenity that we have in the world. And replace it with something evil like terrorists, atom bombs and closed minded people. Xavier reaches onto his desk and guides his hand to the right corner as he picks up a white coffee mug and takes a sip of his coffee and than he sets the coffee down in the center of his desk near the current issue of The New York Times.

"What’s wrong with the world today?" Xavier muttered to himself as he picked up the paper. It was had a white background and black text printed all over it. Xavier took his reading glasses out of his pocket and than put them on. He took the paper in both hands and he opened it. He eyed the front-page and in big bold black letters ' World's Dangerous Mutant' was the headline. On the cover of the page the New England mutant in shackles, the mutant known to his victims as The Crobeast. In the picture he was being leaded into The Manchester Mutant Holding Facility.

Xavier read one with amazement his eyes widened and his mouth open in shock and in awe. As his eyes read the article. His mind couldn't comprehend what these people we're saying. The New England mutant looked like a variation of Sabertooth but with Blackish-Brown fur. The eyes of the mutant we're the eyes of a madman. A stone cold killer that would run the streets and kill without mercy.

"The New England mutant killed 30 Teenagers for poking fun at him.. On 34th and Avenue in New York. This incident happened in May 16th, 2004. We've had this madman in our facilities for over a year now. And we are know transfering him to a facility so we can keep a better eye on him." Xavier read to himself as he kept on reading. He started to get a headache and massaged his forhead with his index finger and his third finger. Xavier went back to reading.

"Hmm..." Xavier said as he folded up the paper neatly and put it back on the table and tapped the paper and than put his glasses back into its case and than put them back into his front pocket on his shirt.

"What’s this world coming to?" Xavier said with a sigh and he than shook his head and took another sip off of his coffee. Which was more black than brown. You could see what spots in the coffee. That’s where Xavier dumped some creamer and some milk into it. He than took the cop in his hand looped his thumb into the handle and held the cup in the palm of his hand and than began to drink the coffee again. A small slurp, and the coffee was gone. Xavier put the cup down back onto the table.

"Another crazed mutant pops up. That has to be the 3rd one this month. They're just misunderstood and need treatment to subdues their urges." Xavier said to himself as he shuffled through a high stack of papers. He graded some more papers. He put those papers in the done pile and than he looked through his schedule for this month. The kids we're on vacation, Beast was working in the lab and Logan was in Canada looking for answers. Scott and Jean were out on their honeymoon it looked like everything was going smoothly for once. Xavier could relax for once.

There was a hard knock on Xavier's door. "Enter." Xavier said as he lifted his head and looked towards the door as it gentley swong open. And Beast otherwise known as Dr. Hank McCoy enterd. He was a rather large mutant with blue fur. Beast was dressed in a pair of blue jeans a t-shirt and his white lab coat. He walked over to the table that Xavier was sitting at and He also had the current issue of The New York Times. It was tucked under his left arm. He took a chair from the other side of the room and sat down at the table next to Xavier and he put the paper on the table.

"Did you see this Charles?" Beast asked.

"Yes." Xavier said with a nod. "Its an injustice isn't it?" Charles asked Beast

"It is.. " Beast said as he put his hands on the table that was infront of him. " Just more scared and misunderstood mutants. I've seen this New England Mutant on Television. " Beast said pointing at the picture of Cro on the frontpage. "He looks more scared than Dangerous. I know it sounds crazy, Charles. But I think he could be of some use to us. From the files I've obtained from the files from The Mutant Holding Facility. He's got family in Maine, and he complained about people entering his head.. And the feeling of the urges to hunt and or to kill." Beast said as he passed Xavier the disk.

"Another Wolverine?" Xavier said with a small smirk as he took the disk and put it into a disk-holding compartment on the side of his chair. Xavier looked at Beast and he shook his head from side-to-side. It was in disbeleif and of the insanity the Beast was asking for. He was usually a good scentist, Beast that is. Was usually a good scentist but there was a reason this mutant was locked up. He was a danger to society.

" I don't know, Hank. I mean he's locked up for a reason, he killed 30 kids 6 months ago. I wouldn't want that kind of person on the team. With all the new mutants we keep on getting. They keep on getting younger. I don't want to endanger the team, Hank." Xavier said looking over at Beast.

" I Agree, I don't want anyone on the team to get hurt. I just don't think he should be locked up. He's young and he probably dosen't know why he has these urges and such. I mean when a Mutant comes into their powers and at a young age, they get confused. You remember when Rogue and Logan were brought to use, Charles." Beast asked Xavier.

"Yes, I do.." Xavier said with a nod. "But that was different.. They weren't locked up in some Insutiton either. I'll take your request under advisement, Hank." Xavier said with a nod and a small smile came over Beast's face as he got up and walked over to the door and opened it and than walked out of it. Beast walked down to his lab and continued to do blood work on the newer Mutants.

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